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Krauthammer on Obama

Charles Krauthammer has a great piece on the floundering Obama presidency in the Washington Post. he conventional wisdom is that Obama made a tactical mistake by farming out his agenda to Congress and allowing himself to be pulled left by the doctrinaire liberals of the Democratic congressional leadership. But the idea of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi pulling Obama…

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( – promoted by DD4RP) ATTENTION PATRIOTS: This Saturday, June 20th the Worcester Tea Party will be hosting a RALLY FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT from noon to 3 in Worcester’s Elm Park. Among the speakers scheduled for the Rally for Responsible Government are: ·Chip Faulkner, Assistant Director of the Citizens for Limited Taxation

·Todd Feinburg, Morning Co-Host on WRKO Radio


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Greenfield swings to the right

On Tuesday, Greenfield voters elected a sometimes-Republican, pro-development conservative for Mayor and a known Republican and supporter of Question 1  to the School Committee: http://www.masslive.com/news/i… GREENFIELD – The city’s next mayor will be Town Councilor William F. Martin, voters decided on Tuesday. Martin tallied more than 2,000 votes, giving him a victory of more than 500 votes, over Alfred J.…

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(sure, I’m abusing my promotion powers, but I used to write for The Minuteman back in the ’90’s, and besides, it’s a weekend… – promoted by Cool Cal)

http://www.umassminuteman.com/ When “Superman” returned, he no longer stood for the American way.  Thankfully “The Minuteman” does.  THE conservative media is back at our liberal flagship University and is more than ready to…

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