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More Thoughts on Reagan’s 11th Commandment

( – promoted by Cool Cal) We’ve come to the tail end of a lengthy comment thread on a post entitled “What Ever Happened to Reagan’s 11th Commandment?” posted by Sharilee Worthington, the Republican State Committeewman from the Second Worcester District — the subject matter of that discussion had to do with a candidate’s compliance, or lack thereof, with campaign…

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The truth about Ronald Reagan

No doubt Ronald Reagan is a conservative icon. But today’s pundits ought to follow Cal Thomas’s lead and wipe away some of the cobwebs that obscure our memory. True, domestic spending did slow down under his watch as military spending (much needed) increased. In the end the Soviet empire was no more. Still would Reagan be conservative enough for today’s…

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Hagel: Conservative?

Brent Arends in todays Boston Herald opines that Chuck Hagel is the only true conservative candidate in the 2008 Republican Primary, his faltering support for the war in Iraq aside.  Despite his current liberal vogue over the Iraq war, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) has a 100 percent lifetime rating from the Christian Coalition. One hundred percent. He has a 0…

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