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As the Gipper once said, “Let Them Go Their Way”

  Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA)

Conservative Political Action Conference

Washington, DC

March 1, 1975 Since our last meeting we have been through a disastrous election. It is easy for us to be discouraged, as pundits hail that election as a repudiation of our philosophy and even as a mandate of some kind or other. But the significance of the election…

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A Time To Gloat

Shortly after the left-lurching Democrats were beaten back by the American people in 1994, Republicans and conservatives were instructed not to gloat. Shortly after Republicans attained all three branches of government in 2000, we were instructed not to gloat. Beginning last night the Democrat gloating had begun, but we Republicans also have a reason to gloat. The Republicans-in-name-only are officially…

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Mass GOP R.I.P.

How did this happen? In the Hudson/Marlboro area 2 moderate Republicans (Sonny Parente and Arthur Vigeant) lost in the fight for 2 open House seats. Both campaigns were well funded and organized. Both candidates had great reputations and credentials. Both candidates LOST. How did this happen?

1. Anyone with an R next to their name suddenly became George W. Bush.…

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Can the Republican Party survive without its libertarian/fiscal conservative wing?

As we near Election Day it looks more and more likely that the Republican Party is going to suffer several staggering defeat across the country.  Is part of the reason for this the crack-up of the conservative coalition that has carried the Republican Party since Barry Goldwater? Have libertarians been pushed out of the party by Bible-thumping-nanny-state-loons like Mike Huckabee?…

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