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Donate to Red Mass Group!

It’s not too late. We all have things in our lives we take for granted and don’t really appreciate till they are gone. Let me offer a few examples …. Ronald Reagan

96.9 FM Talk Radio


Woolworth’s Department stores

Frank Sinatra

Impartial Newspapers

Roller skating rings

Drive in theaters

Julia Childs

First love If you care about Red Mass…

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Right-roots keeps pace with “net-roots” in the “Battle of Joe Wilson” on-line fundraising war

With Act-Blue the net-roots (progressive blog community) has been able to raise vast sums of money for their progressive candidates on-line. Save the Ron Paul movement, the right has up to now not been able to keep pace.  A funny thing has happened since Joe Wilson told Barack Obama, “you lied”.  Right-roots and Net-roots fundraising is neck and neck.  …

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“My GOP” by State Rep. Jeff Perry

     I preordered my copy about a week or two ago & I urge everyone who reads this to join me and support State Rep. Jeff Perry (R-5th Barnstable). Dear GOP Leaders, I am e-mailing in hopes you will support my efforts with my new book.  As you know, for the last seven years serving on Beacon Hill, I…

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