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Once again, our “Reps” to congress disgrace themselves

Folks, partisan politics is one thing but this is ridiculous. Can you imagine that Steve Lynch is the ONLY( THE ONLY!!!) Massachusetts politician that “we” ( read flaming liberal  “moonbats” for the most part)sent to Washington that voted (YES) to SUPPORT a bill that would indemnify air travelors from being sued by the likes of the radical Islamic “IMAMS” that…

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MA-05: Largest Daily Newspaper Calls Democratic Congress “Treasonous”

The Lowell Sun, the largest daily newspaper in the 5th Congressional in it’s editorial yesterday called the actions of the Democratic Congress concerning a military funding bill treasonous. So who is behind this bloated — and treasonous — legislation? The Democrats controlling Congress. The Democrats who promised to bring fiscal sanity to the Republicans’ out-of-control spending. The Democrats who…

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