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Cahill’s Alleged Clear-as-Mud Transparency Theatens Gubernatorial Hopes?

Both Republican gubernatorial candidates , Charlie Baker & Christy Mihos, have criticized Tim Cahill for accepting campaign donations from the officers of a firm to a pension fund manager who since Cahll became state treasurer.  Since Tim Cahill took office 7 years ago this pension fund manager has been allotted $500 million in state funds to invest.  Both Baker &…

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Why Wont Charlie Baker answer the Questions??????

Where is Charlie Baker??? Christy Mihos has shown that he is open to any question the voters want to ask him, He has proven it by his post on RMG. Where is Charlie Baker????? Mr Baker why wont you answer the peoples questions? Question For Charlie Baker? 1. When did you know the true amount of how much the Big…

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Christy Mihos and The Big Dig

The “Big” Plan

In the 1980s, city and state officials embraced a plan to bury Interstate 93 under Boston. The Central Artery/Tunnel Project, or the Big Dig, was considered one of the most forward-thinking infrastructure projects of the 20th century. Politicians called the project an engineering marvel, and they believed it could help change downtown Boston for only $2.6 billion…

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