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BROWN WIN will be a HUGE boost to BAKER

So here I am watching FOX NEWS and another GREAT interview with Scott Brown, who is an avid supporter of our next governor Charlie Baker.  I’m convinced SCOTT wins this next week.  His debate last night was a ten out of ten, and Martha – can’t even get the state police to endorse her – Coakley looked like a deer…

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BTW, what was with the MELT DOWN MOMENT.  I’ve never heard anything so undignified in my life.  During the Charlie Baker interview on RKO last night Christy Mihos called in as one of the callers, ranting and raving that Charlie used his job in state government to jump to Harvard health care and get them a bailout.  It was a…

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The flaky atmospherics at the Mihos Campaign.

The front page of the Mihos web page has been amended to note that Christy’s dog died.  The news is a new section which dominates the center front of the page. “Our dog, Reagan, was our Canine Campaign Coordinator in 2006,” says christy2010.com.  “He was fearless, as are all Yorkies, and always went after groups of wild turkeys who were…

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