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The Fraud of Christy Mihos

I can’t believe no one has brought up this story yet, but Christy Mihos – the man who first helped  elect Deval Patrick by running away from the Republican party, is now seeking ‘treatment’ for his ‘addiction to porn stars and prostitutes’.   He says he has a sex addiction.     Christy is also accused of allegedly threatening to…

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We bought the wrong candidate

This new Suffolk poll should not be a surprise and I am not going to wait until November 3 to say this:  The state GOP and all the delegates really screwed this race up, BIGTIME. I firmly believe that Christy Mihos would be up by 15 points over Patrick right now. Here’s why I say this… Think back to this…

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Thank you Mr Christy Mihos for standing up for the common men of our state and fighting against fraud – wasteful Spending and abuse (Taxes) on the state level. As a citizen I say thank you Christy. And please keep speaking out for the little guy. Your Friend Clifford Blake…

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