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Release: Common Core Forum (CCF) Declares Victory over Imploding PARCC Exam

Citizen Group instrumental in putting brakes on new high stakes test for students

WORCESTER, MA – Massachusetts parents, activists and former educators have formed Common Core Forum (CCF) – an organization dedicated to informing Moms and Dads and other stakeholders about the proposed PARCC exam and related Common Core State Standards.   In a few short months, CCF has worked…

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Hearing on Unconstitutional Replacement for Unconstitutional Buffer Zone Bill Today

In an Orwellian New Speak move the legislature is proposing a new buffer zone bill that doesn’t call a buffer zone a buffer zone.  Because as we know buffer zones are unconstitutional.  Massachusetts Citizens for Life, via email, alerted people to a hearing today about the legislation. Late afternoon yesterday, Planned Parenthood’s new Buffer Zone bill, (SD) 2106, was filed.…

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Grossman wins Nomination at the Democratic Convention

On Saturday Democrats from across the state gathered in Worcester, Massachusetts for the 2014 Democratic Convention. There they nominated candidates for treasurer, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor. Despite several polls showing Coakley with a double-digit lead over Steve Grossman, that wasn’t the case on Saturday. 4609 Delegates participated in the voting process that eliminated two candidates for governor, and…

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