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Take the Poll: Should Baker Not Spend $300K on BC Fund, or instead keep his campaign promise?

Poll Link: https://www.facebook.com/massr… The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA) has a poll up on their Facebook Page about the Governor’s pledge to spend $300,000 for a fund to cover birth control that religious small business owners refuse to cover for their employees. This was a campaign promise he made in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision. Take the poll and…

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Baker’s Cabinet Choices Reflects His Management Philosophy

A recent Boston Globe article posits that a few conservatives within the Massachusetts Republican Party have expressed serious concerns over some of the cabinet appointments being made by Governor Charlie Baker. “We are bracing ourselves,” said Mark Fisher, the GOP’s Tea Party gubernatorial candidate who was crushed in his primary challenge against Baker. “Charlie said he wasn’t going to raise…

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CLT weighs in on Baker’s budget gap plan

Citizens for Limited Taxation, the renown anti-tax group, has no qualms about placing the blame for the budget deficit where it lies —  on former Governor Deval Patrick. From today’s release: CLT applauds Gov. Baker’s gentlemanly declining to mention the former governor by name as he addresses his leaving a huge budget gap for this fiscal year – and we’re…

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Column: Baker Handles Storm With Poise

Baker Handles Storm with Poise

With the whopping $765 million dollar budget gap, former Governor Deval Patrick left his successor and Bay State taxpayers on the hook for a state government that has a spending problem. Like a proverbial runaway train, state government continues to function and move along no matter who is governor or when they are sworn in.…

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13 Etiquette Tips for Republicans at the bipartisan Baker party tonight

(A little fun about a very funny situation tonight!)Charlie Baker’s victory party tonight is going to be something we Republican activists haven’t experienced: a bipartisan affair! He has so many strong Democrat and unenrolled supporters who will be there tonight that I have decided to publish some helpful tips on etiquette so we don’t unnecessarily upset our new friends:  …

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