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The Conversation, Episode 4 — I get schooled by a Leftie

Jill Ellisa is an experimental musician, abstract artist, small business owner, and self-described “bleeding heart liberal”. She’ll be my guest tonight at 7:00 for a live episode of The Conversation. We’re going to try to bridge the partisan divide. I can’t guarantee it won’t get contentious, but I promise to go in with an open mind. Hope you guys enjoy!…

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The Conversation, Episode 1 – Heidi Who?

New project here. Let me know if you guys like it. In this first episode I talk with Heidi Wellman, one of the lesser-known Republicans campaigning for Liz Warren’s senate seat. It’s a far-roving conversation that takes us from Marlborough to Moscow to Pyongyang then back again. What do you think of Heidi’s chances? What should I be doing better?…

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