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Are legislative departures a canary in the coal mine?

Are legislative departures a canary in the coal mine? By GLEN JOHNSON

AP Political Writer BOSTON- Slowing home sales, rising mortgage defaults and decreased consumer spending are signs of a sputtering economy. Are legislative resignations a similar sign of trouble in the House of Representatives? Rep. Paul Casey, D-Winchester, has become the latest in the 160-member House to announce he…

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OPEN SEAT: Paul Casey – 31st Middlesex

Democrat Paul Casey has retired from his 31st Middlesex House seat, which includes all of Winchester and most of Stoneham. Republican Brian O’Connor, a Winchester Selectman, has taken out nomination papers. The Democrats have a primary between businessman Jason Lewis and Stoneham Town Moderator Mike Rotondi. Rotondi was penalized by the Massachusetts Ethics Commission in 2005 for violating state ethics…

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Republican Shrewsbury Selectman John Lebeaux Takes Out Papers for the 2nd Worcester Senate

Here is the full list for this week of candidates who pulled papers to run for office in Massachusetts: If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed.  Download the original attachment

Page 1

2008 Candidate Who Pulled Papers.xls








Christopher Popham Smith

N America





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A dark day for Massachusetts

( – promoted by Cool Cal) as yet another left wing liberal assumes power from today’s “GLOB”
“Travaglini expected to resign tomorrow
May start lobbying firm; Murray likely successor
By Frank Phillips, Globe Staff  |  March 20, 2007″ Massachusetts will no doubt remain the “Gay State” and laughing stock of the rest of the Nation as this woman replacing Travaligini…

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Is the worst yet to Come ?

Perhaps what we’ve seen thus far is merely the “Overture” music to a very, very bad movie ? Will the coming months see the first of Cadillac Deval’s many ‘pardon’s to come to rapists, felons and murderers who have been “unjustly” incarcerated by the system? Will Cadillac follow the lead of his hero and mentor Michael Stanley Dukakis and unleash…

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