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At least this Mass Democrat Do-Nothing Political Hack Job is Coming to an End

Fierce political fallout from his $40,000-a-year position as a State House clerk prompted embattled former state Rep. Anthony Verga to hand in his retirement papers last week. Verga, who was appointed by former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi after he lost his bid for re-election, said he’s leaving because of heavy media scrutiny. “I’m retiring because it’s time. Since I’m getting…

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How about some leadership with that patronage?

Perhaps expecting Deval Patrick to act like a leader is a bit of a stretch. Perhaps expecting a Tom Mennino like push on labor for economic concessions is to much to ask for, particularly when there are folks like Senator Walsh that are in need of better employ. A true leader would ask all public employee unions across the Commonwealth…

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What Webs Gov. Patrick Will Weave When Trying to Deceive

Contradicting a series of steadfast denials, internal e-mails show that Governor Deval Patrick’s top aides controlled the appointment of state Senator Marian Walsh to a high-paying job at a state authority, from setting her salary to crafting her job description. They also provided the agency’s talking points for the news media in an attempt to quell a public uproar. “I’m…

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