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How’s this for financial news? Barney Frank to join CNBC

(Barney Frank Maria Bartiromo’s replacement – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) NBC is tanking in the ratings so they hope to pull a rabbit out of a hat. A bold move was required. Instead they went small by inviting a well known figure. They pulled Bawney hoping to charge up the station.After all he's so smart say the Boston crowd…

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Who knew Keating had a second home?!?

Much of the news coverage of the Congressional redistricting plan released yesterday is giving the state legislative Democrats who drafted the map significant credit for the “politically explosive” (Globe) decision to combine the districts currently represented by Bill Keating (D-Newbie) and Stephen Lynch (D-Labor).   Please. This move was about as explosive as Play Doh.  Here’s the Herald:…

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I want to Win a Congressional Seat in 2012

Here are my opinions for the best potential candidates in each district!! (under current districts since we don’t know the change redistricting will have) 1st : John Olver (D) Vs. Mike Knapik 2nd : Richard Neal (D) Vs. Ryan Fattman 3rd : Jim McGovern (D) Vs. Peter Blute 4th : Barney Frank (D) Vs. Sean Bielat 5th : Niki Tsongas…

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