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Best post-debate news yet- Obama team blames Kerry

Of all the positive new coming from the debate on Wednesday, the best is that Sen. John Kerry (D. Newport, RI) appears to have blown his chance to be secretary of state. As discussed in earlier posts, Kerry has been busting a testicle to convince the president that he has his back. Kerry has gone so far as to claim…

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Watch out Romney, it ain’t this easy….

No doubt, last night was what we call a ass-whooping of a Presidential debate.  Romney was sharp, clear and concise in his delivery.  Obama was confused, hemming and hawwing, and generally disengaged during the debate.  A Clear victory for Romney.  But….. Obama knew going into this particular debate that he was going to lose.  The topic was the economy, jobs…

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Campaign’s Faux Flag Imagery Compliments Obama’s Faux Leadership

President Barack Obama‘s campaign has quietly dropped the faux flag posters it was shilling to The One’s stary-eyed disciples at $35 apiece. The action was taken after a fierce backlash erupted once the poster’s existence became known. For some people, replacing the 50 stars with Obama’s iconic campaign logo was distasteful at best & offensive at worst. As Kyle Becker…

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