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Obama Now Considering Taxing Health Care Benefits

After denouncing John McCain"s health insurance proposal during the presidential campaign,  which included taxing the health care benefit as income then giving individuals a $2500 and families a $5000 tax credit, the Obama Administration is now considering taxing health care benefits. As the New York Times reports: The Obama administration is signaling to Congress that the president could support…

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Obama’s Overreach On Abortion

( – promoted by DD4RP) Feminist Marjorie Dannenfelser of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List (the conservative counterpart to the liberal Emily’s List) had a column published in HumanEvents.com last month (2-23-09) wherein she criticized Barack Obama’s administration over its obsession to subsidize the abortion industry. However, she opined that Obama’s overreach might benefit the pro-life movement & placed her…

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Shovel Ready Stimuli – Part 2 – $2.7 Mill for a Schooner?

The list of so-called shovel ready projects approved by the Commonwealth for federal stimulus money is very long. The projects range from mundane to absurd. This week Red Mass Group is going to highlight some of the more unusual projects.

Several projects listed under State Facilities use industry specific terms like  “life safety” and references to bonding when describing a…

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