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Ayering Dirty Laundry

(Check out the Redhead Republican’s Blog – promoted by Garrett) Wanna laugh your ass off on a Friday? Watch the new Redhead Republican video, Ayering Dirty Laundry! The wisdom of Brandeis University hosting Bill Ayers as a speaker is questioned by the Redhead Republican. In this video, our favorite Redhead recommends Dave Andelman, Denis Leary, and Kevin Youkilis as alternatives…

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Obama’s Viet Nam

Crossposted at The Rockefeller Republican President Kennedy- Circa-1960
Upon taking office John F. Kennedy sent 16,300 Americans to save South Vietnam from the Vietcong. This was the initial escalation from the original force of “advisers” sent by the Eisenhower administration, which would continue to expand under President Johnson just a few years later. The Vietcong, the lightly armed South Vietnamese…

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