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Barack – Go Big Or Go Home

Regardless of any feelings I may have on the issue substantively, from a purely political standpoint, I sort of love watching BHO escalate wars. Remember in 2007 during the primaries when the MoveOn.org folks were touching themselves over the thought of The One? Conservatives (from the anti-war contingent up through the neocons) can’t stand BHO for their own respective reasons.…

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SNL finally goes after Barack Obama

Saturday Night Live has finally lived up to it’s obligation as court jester as it relates to Barack Obama.  SNL has long been a source of showing truth through comedy.  They however have been largely absent when it comes to Barack Obama.  Perhaps finally Barack Obama’s missteps have gotten so obvious that even SNL can’t ignore them.…

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NY Times: President Obama Used Slang for Sexual Act to Describe His Opponents

From the, “Geez the President sure is classy” department.  The New York Times is reporting that President Obama used Teabagger, a slang term for a sexual act, to describe his opponents. Mr. Obama, during his private pep talk to Democrats, recognized Mr. Owens election and then posed a question to the other lawmakers. According to Representative Earl Blumenauer of…

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Mitt Romney, Scott Brown and RMG outraise Barack Obama, Deval Patrick and BMG in blog fundraising

You may remember that Blue Mass Group was holding a raffle promotion for tickets to the big Deval Patrick and Barack Obama event last Friday.  Well they ended up raising $70.00 for the event from two donors.   Well thanks to the generous support of two RMGers we’ve outraised them by $80.  Two contributors have donated $150 for the Scott…

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Honeymoon Over Between Mass Libs & Barack Obama?

( – promoted by DD4RP) Evidently, while our president; Barack Obama may no longer be the messiah to liberal Democrats. Among the groups planning protests are: Code Pink, Environmental coalition 350.org, and

Gay rights group Join the Impact-MA.  Apparently some labor unions planned protests but backed off. President Obama blows into the bluest state today facing a cold shoulder from…

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