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MCFL: Four Clinics Performing Illegal Abortions in Massachusetts

Massachusetts medical regulations state that abortions after 18 weeks must be performed in a licensed hospital.  The Massachusetts Citizens for Life has found four abortion providers that advertise they perform abortions after 18 weeks up to 20 weeks in their facilities, and an additional facility performs up to 23 week abortions.  They have asked the Deval Patrick Administration to investigate…

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Vennochi: MassGOP and Hillary Clinton Share Same “Tragic” View of Abortion

I’ve been saying the MassGOP platform statement on Abortion is pretty non-controversial. Calling abortion “tragic” is something most reasonable people can agree on.  Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi agrees. WHAT’S SO extreme about using the word “tragic” to describe abortion? Hillary Clinton did it in 2005. As she prepared a run for president, Clinton, then a senator from New York,…

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