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Catholics, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Politics

Reading this from Richard Howe’s blog, a Lowell democrat, as a Catholic revert this is what upsets me with Catholics and the Democratic Party, and I have to say something. I know as a Catholic the Democratic Party is suppose to be my home, but the Democrat platform has made a mockery of our values and undermined our faith. The…

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Was Jessie Davis One Person or Two?

“Canton police patrolman Bobby Cutts Jr., 30, was facing two murder counts  in the deaths of Davis, 26, and her unborn child, said Rick Perez, chief deputy of the Stark County sheriff’s department.” I wonder what the ProAbort lobby thinks of this?  It seems that the law (and/or society) is sometimes pro-life and sometimes pro-choice. The deciding factor is intent. …

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US Supreme Court upholds abortion ban

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) The US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, has upheld the nationwide ban on partial birth abortion. Congress had passed and President Bush had signed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act into law in 2003, and the court ruled that the law does not violate a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. Challenges to…

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