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Ballot Initiative to Stop Public Funding of Abortion in Massachusetts

Came across a Facebook group for a new ballot question:
https://www.facebook.com/events/1494667314195209/ The group Stop Public Funding of Abortion is sponsoring a petition drive to put an amendment on the Massachusetts ballot for citizen approval. The amendment would read “This proposed Constitutional amendment would declare that the state constitution may not be construed to require public funding of abortion.” There is…

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Hearing on Unconstitutional Replacement for Unconstitutional Buffer Zone Bill Today

In an Orwellian New Speak move the legislature is proposing a new buffer zone bill that doesn’t call a buffer zone a buffer zone.  Because as we know buffer zones are unconstitutional.  Massachusetts Citizens for Life, via email, alerted people to a hearing today about the legislation. Late afternoon yesterday, Planned Parenthood’s new Buffer Zone bill, (SD) 2106, was filed.…

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