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Post-Election Deja-Vu: GOP State Committee Meeting

Held in the Carver function room at the John Carver Inn in Plymouth (MA), last night’s Massachusetts Republican State Committee meeting was a curious exercise in post-election analysis. The standing room only event had 65 out of the 80 state committee members in attendance with dozens of activists & onlookers – including Boston Herald “Lone Republican” columnist Holly Robichaud –…

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State Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh on what Republicans did wrong

Keller @Large: Mass. Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh
November 11, 2012
http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/11/11/keller-large-mass-democratic-party-chairman-john-walsh-2/ Watch Keller @ Large – Part 2: [0:45/03/32]  Jon Keller:   What else did the Republicans do wrong . . . What did they do wrong? [0:40/03/20]  John Walsh:  First of all, um, I thought, the issues really drive the issues, and something just popped into my head. But…

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