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Casinos – do not read this with a mouthful of coffee

Remember a few weeks ago when the Massachusetts State Senate painted itself in glory by loudly shouting down a proposed five year ban on legislators accepting jobs in the soon-to-be-born Massachusetts casino industry? After one esteemed Senator indignantly proclaimed that such a ban would create “a presumption that the people in this body cannot operate with integrity,” the Democratic caucus…

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Casinos: Happy Hour for Hypocrites

In my periodic screeds opposing the (probably inevitable) legalization of casino gaming in Massachusetts I try insofar as possible to stay away from the purely moralistic/nanny state argument.  Yes, I think casinos prey on human weakness, depend for profitability on the assumption that individuals (and by extension, families) will be destroyed financially on a regular basis, and are…

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Casinos: “The only reason we are doing this”

(Jobs, or Doug Rubin’s need to justify his lobbying contract to Gtech? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This weekend state Senate President Therese Murray claimed “jobs” as the sole motivator behind the current hell-bent-for-leather push to legalize casino gaming in Massachusetts.  “This is a jobs bill; that’s the only reason we’re doing this,” she said. “If we had…

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