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Remember the casino bill?

You know, the one taken by a conference committee behind closed doors a couple of weeks back?  Well, it is done.  From the State House News:

House and Senate negotiators agreed to a pact Monday that sets the stage for final approval of legislation to bring three casinos and a slots-only facility to Massachusetts. The bill, which is expected…

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No casinos yet, but already we’re seeing “best practices” in action

Recall last week in the middle of a revealing Globe article about Pennsylvania’s experience with casino corruption we were treated to this optimistic assessment by pro-casino Senator Stanley Rosenberg (D-Rose Colored Glasses): ” “The good news is we’re state number 37, not number one…That means we get to pick the best

practices all across the country.” Today another front page

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What does Connecticut know about casinos?

Quite a few things, as it happens.  After all, Connecticut plays host to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, the biggest, baddest gaming meccas this side of the Mississippi.  And yes, I’m counting Atlantic City – and anyone who has been both to AC and to Connecticut’s two tribal mega-casinos knows why.  If there is a “right” way to do a mega-casino,…

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