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MassGOP Lincoln-Reagan Reception with RNC Chair Michael Steele

MassGOP Lincoln-Reagan Reception The Honorable Jennifer A. Nassour, Chairman – Massachusetts Republican Party,

cordially invites you to attend the

Second Annual

Lincoln-Reagan Reception Special Guest: Republican National Committee Chairman

The Honorable Michael Steele Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel

50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street

Boston, Massachusetts 02116 4:30 pm Private Roundtable

5:30 pm Chairman’s Reception


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Micheal Steele is onto something…

Democrats are making fun of Micheal Steele’s proposal that the GOP recast gay marriage as an issue that affects us all in the pocketbook, instead of as a moral/religious issue, which has failed to persuade the mainstream.  I’m pleased he recognizes that the issue is not religious, and is not going along with the NOM strategy of making “religious exemptions”…

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