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Sorry Ed Markey, WhiteHouse.gov says Evergreen Solar was funded by federal government

Ed Markey told a whopper of a lie, in tonight’s debate.  In response to Ed Markey questioning his business record, Gabriel Gomez mentioned Markey’s “green energy” boondoggles.  Specifically Gomez brought up A123 Systems and Evergreen Solar.  Markey’s response?  “Evergreen Solar was funded by the state, not the federal government.”   Too bad for Ed Markey, this just isn’t true.  Evergreen…

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BHI Update: “Fiscal Cliff,” Public Job Creation Myths, Response to HuffPo on renewable energy

BHI Executive Director David G. Tuerck chimes in on the awful “solution” to the fiscal cliff on Fox25-Boston. Suffolk University PhD candidate and BHI intern Ryan Murphy dissects the argument that state governments can create jobs by investing in green energy or infrastructure projects. Aside from the inconvenient truth that jobs on a project are actually a cost, state governments…

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In Atlanta, they asked would you like a little “Sierra Tea” beating back transit tax

The Tea Party grows up, opening itself up to coalition building. It worked in Atlanta. On the other side stood the little guys: Debbie Dooley of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots and Colleen Kiernan from the Georgia chapter of the Sierra Club. Despite seemingly dueling ideologies, they found common cause to lobby against a 1-cent-on-the-dollar tax to pay for 157…

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