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Breaking News From the Land of Duh – MA Casino Edition

The Globe’s front page today has one of those articles that just makes a careful reader want to pound his head against the nearest wall.  Titled “Gambling projections for Mass no sure bet,” the basic conclusion of the lengthy analysis is that the 2008 gaming-industry-generated “study” on which Massachusetts political leaders are relying for jobs and revenue projections…

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On muni health and national union bosses, Speaker DeLeo flips the bird

Speaker to the press (rhetorically, of course) Back in June when the conviction of Sal DiMasi focused rare public attention on Beacon Hill corruption, DiMasi’s successor and current Speaker Robert DeLeo took umbrage at the suggestion that the DiMasi scandal represented “business as usual,” and defended the House with these words:

Our efforts over the past couple of years…

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DiMasi Verdict: Ds should stick to ‘no comment’

It is infuriating when something big happens in the public arena, something like yesterday’s conviction of former Speaker Sal DiMasi, and elected officials stiff-arm the press with a terse “no comment.” But yesterday on Beacon Hill, a number of Democratic lawmakers convincingly demonstrated why sometimes “no comment” is the way to go.  Cornered by persistent reporters, they got ornery…

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