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Gov. Baker Blinks on MassHealth

While the summer recess for the legislature is just beginning, so is the debate regarding MassHealth (Medicaid). The Governor has accepted the legislature’s revenue-without-reform proposal regarding MassHealth for the time being, declining to veto their tax hike on employers in order to encourage them to also enact reforms. For more background and a recommendation for a better course of action,…

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Budget Update: 24 Hours to Act on Amendments

It’s a busy week.  The budget debate is underway at the State House, there are upcoming hearings, and we are holding a fundraiser on Sunday.

    In just three short days, legislators will deal with over 1,200 amendments, on everything from taxes to parental rights. Thank you to all who attended the Lyons/Lombardo press conference on MassHealth this morning. It is

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Beacon Hill’s Budget MassHealth Mirage

(You mean to tell me that the powers that be on Beacon Hill aren’t telling the truth.  I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Today the Legislature will vote on the final state budget. I wanted to take one last opportunity to highlight the unrealistic assumptions that are being used for the MassHealth (Medicaid)…

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Is Medicaid (MassHealth) Preventing the Poor from Breaking out of Addiction?

Lawrence Harmon of The Boston Globe had a very interesting article that highlights the intersection of medicine and public policy. The issue was the debate whether MassHealth, our state’s Medicaid program, should move to pay for Suboxone versus methodone for opioid-addicted patients (for example heroin addicts). The article examines the growing medical evidence of the clinical effectiveness of Suboxone and…

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