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Reading the Globe’s fawning coverage of Governor Patrick’s testimony in the Sal DiMasi trial, I get the same queasy, vicariously embarrassed feeling I used to get back in high school, watching the nerdy kid with a crush try in vain to impress a pretty girl.  [Okay, fine.  I get the same queasy vicariously embarrassed feeling other kids used to get…

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Patrick Testimony: “Within the rules”

Lawyers routinely counsel their clients to say as little as possible on the stand.  Answer the question asked.  Don’t expand. Don’t speculate.  Don’t offer additional information.  An attorney himself, Governor Patrick probably did not need those instructions, but he followed them so rigorously that following his testimony today in the Sal DiMasi corruption trial (which prosecutors pre-billed as “compelling”) the…

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Indicting the system

Central to former Speaker Sal DiMasi’s defense in his ongoing public corruption trial is the argument that Sal’s actions were merely par for the course, business as usual on Beacon Hill.  Lobbyists were at the Speaker all the time, his lawyers argue.  Political horse-trading is an indispensable part of governance.  DiMasi is merely the scapegoat chosen to take the fall…

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