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More Thoughts on Reagan’s 11th Commandment

( – promoted by Cool Cal) We’ve come to the tail end of a lengthy comment thread on a post entitled “What Ever Happened to Reagan’s 11th Commandment?” posted by Sharilee Worthington, the Republican State Committeewman from the Second Worcester District — the subject matter of that discussion had to do with a candidate’s compliance, or lack thereof, with campaign…

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Two Presidents Worse Than One?

New York Times OP-ED writer Garry Willis seems to think so in a piece he wrote today (1-26-08) with regards to both Bush & Clinton Administrations. After providing some insights on why the Founding Fathers designed the Executive Office to mean one president only, Willis then criticizes the Bush/Cheney team for what he percieves as them bringing in a “plural presidency…through the back…

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