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A lesson for Elizabeth Warren….

Here is a question for all of the RMG readers – ‘If mortgage interest rates go down, what happens to the price of houses for sale?’.  Answer: They go up!   Second question, if mortgage interest rates go up, what happens to the price of houses for sale?’.   Answer: they go down. These are facts!  And it is a…

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Martinez, candidate for State Senate, reacts to unemployment increase, says new leadership needed

Thursday, September 20, 2012                                   Contact: Tom Firth – 978-828-0877   MARTINEZ REACTS TO UNEMPLOYMENT INCREASE Martinez Says New Leadership Needed at State House Chelmsford, MA – Today Sandi Martinez, Republican candidate for State Senate in the Third Middlesex district, reacted to the Bureau…

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Get yourselves out of this rut, Republicans

The Democrats are in a rut where the answer to most problems is government or some quasi-government program. I once made a list for them of the great things I could think up in a minute that government hadn’t made: music





kids This is an area which I have recently read described as the space between…

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Wall Streeters should have to sacrifice too

(The Keynesian economics of the progressives is what is at the heart of income inequality.  Seascraper lays out the case. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) But sacrifice what? So far, Romney/Ryan have made a case for re-orienting the outlook for retirees: reduce your expectations, work longer, and we will retool the system and save the country for the…

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