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A Letter to Our State Committee

Dear State Committee Members: Hope you had a great Christmas, we just wanted to get in touch with some new developments regarding the upcoming election for Chair of the MassGOP. We have continued to engage in thoughtful and meaningful discussions with a large variety of State Committee members, activists and elected officials. After a thorough review of our bylaws, and…

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Cavaretta: A Message to Fellow Activists, Elected Officials and State Committee Members

Dear Fellow Republican

and Conservative Activists: I’m running for MA GOP Chair to run Republican campaigns more effectively; By offering our candidates an incentive-based roadmap for support [www.NewMassPlaybook.com]; with a new MA GOP message and updated brand that competes everywhere in our state, (including our capital city of Boston), with broader appeal to minorities, women and the unaffiliated; to develop…

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Cavaretta and D’Arcangelo: Experience Matters

Malden City Councillor David D’Arcangelo and I enter the race for Party Chairmen to use our 30 years, combined political experience to reform the MA GOP; to debate big ideas and ways to involve all activists; to implement our Reform Plan which has been published for 24 months; and to help our State Committee Members and Elected Officials fulfill our…

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More Candidates for MassGOP Chair Announced

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) From an article appearing several minute ago online by Stephanie Ebbert and in tomorrow’s print edition of the Boston Globe. Hughes, a professional singer and an attorney, is a former political field director for the Mass. GOP who ran the party’s state convention in 2010. She is also a Quincy city councilor.…

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