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Scrap Tech Tax: Open Letter to state Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) by Dean Cavaretta

12 August 2013

An Open Letter to Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton): http://deancavaretta.blogspot…. Sen. Eldridge, I was very discouraged to learn recently your support of one of the biggest, boondoggle pieces of legislation in the history of the Massachusetts General Court. The so-called new MA ‘Tech Tax’ or more officially known as the state sales tax on computer system design services.…

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Elder Misfires With Tax Criticism; Blame Democrats Not One of Your Own

(Dean Cavarretta weighs in.     – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Under Proposition 2½, a Massachusetts municipality is subject to two tax limits: Ceiling: The total annual property tax revenue raised shall not exceed 2.5% of the assessed value of all taxable property contained in it. Increase limit: The annual increase of property tax cannot exceed 2.5%, plus…

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Summary of Proposals (To-Date) from Cavaretta and D’Arcangel​o


Dear Fellow Activists: To-date, Malden City Councillor David D’Arcangelo and I have proposed all of the following that moderates, libertarians and social conservatives could rally around under our collective leadership.   Using our 30 years of combined MA political experience, we have offered to – 1. Re-organize our internal operations and work with the MA State Committee to meet…

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Not Legit

When Dean ran for Senate he lied and said he was endorsed by Bill Clinton. Can we trust him to even run for Chair. Hey Dean dont be the Tim Cahill and spoil the race as an idiot. Get out of the way Asked to name a Democratic supporter, Republican state senate candidate mentions former president Bill Clinton   BOSTON…

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