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It is all in how you market it.

If it sucks, put “patriot” in its name. Mr. Obama’s proposal would designate certain companies as “patriot employers” and favor them over other, presumably not so patriotic, businesses. The legislation takes four pages to define “patriotic” companies as those that: “pay at least 60 percent of each employee's health care premiums”; have a position of “neutrality in employee [union] organizing…

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V3PNs Cavalcade of Nincompoopery

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) So much stuff – so little time. 1.) Former GOP presidential candidate Rep Duncan Hunter has endorsed Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.  I wonder if it will help?  Even I am a bit surprised by this one.  Duncan Hunter says:
“I got to know Governor Huckabee well on the campaign trail,” said Hunter. “Of the…

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Once again, our “Reps” to congress disgrace themselves

Folks, partisan politics is one thing but this is ridiculous. Can you imagine that Steve Lynch is the ONLY( THE ONLY!!!) Massachusetts politician that “we” ( read flaming liberal  “moonbats” for the most part)sent to Washington that voted (YES) to SUPPORT a bill that would indemnify air travelors from being sued by the likes of the radical Islamic “IMAMS” that…

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