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Sarbanes Oxley for MA Government

(A plea for accountability – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) We have been bombarded with anecdotal stories about waste, fraud and abuse in the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance, including the use and misuse of EBT cards.  Over the past year we have seen: – 19,000 DTA recipients identified as being unable to be located by mailings.  A number…

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Patrick-Murray spending $1.5M of Stimulus Funds in Pennsylvania to Study Plastic Solar Panels

Over the past week, we’ve seen how the Patrick-Murray administration is wasting money on weatherization home repairs to you neighbor’s home.  If you missed those stories you can see them here, here, haere, and here. Today we find out that the Patrick-Murray administration is spending to $16M to study plastic solar panels, and $1.5 M of it…

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The beast that is the taxpayer-funded Legal Services Corporation

The Legal Services Corporation is the handmaiden of the welfare state. Established to help the poor with legal problems it has evolved into a juggernaut that usurps the rights of small property owners. It has also been known to discriminate again fathers separated from their children in acrimonious custody battles. The American Bar Association and all of its lesser lights…

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