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Teachers Union Decides Education Policy

Officials may postpone charter school openings

MCAS history test also targeted amid fiscal woes

By James Vaznis

Globe Staff / January 11, 2009 Worried about massive budget cutting in many local districts, state education leaders are considering delaying two potentially costly endeavors: making the 10th-grade MCAS history exam a graduation requirement and opening new charter schools. Both those key elements…

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DiMasi v. MTA..Yes we can’t!!

The below info is per the MTA’s website. Sal deserves credit for his willingness to touch that third rail of Mass politics..taking on the MTA. Perhaps the only issue I have with his new position on the GIC is that it is a year late. What does the Governor think on this matter? Who knows? Leaders lead and we they…

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The Future of Public Education in Massachusetts

My name is David Whelan and I am the Char of the Swampscott School Committee. My comments are my own and not those of my fellow School Committee members. Imagine the unimaginable. The state GOP gets its act together and actually makes public education their issue in the soon to occur Governor’s election. It is possible and the dialog should…

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Make no mistake: Massachusetts Teachers Association rolls over Patrick

This morning’s dispatch by Tracy Jan in The Boston Globe illustrates the power of the MTA to thwart real reform. Even the Patrick administration sees some advantages in rewarding public school teachers. Yet the union mentality stands in the way.   Faculty who work together to boost test scores, graduation rates, and attendance should be rewarded, [Reville] said. The concept of…

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Teachers unions promised funding from casinos

Is this any way to promote a casino? MTA to Deval’s rescue. They just love new revenue, even if its unrealized!
Patrick bets on teachers in three-casino push Governor launching new offensive to get bill passed Jan 17, 2008 By Ken Maguire THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BOSTON- Gov. Deval L. Patrick said yesterday he’s not locked into his plan on how…

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