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McGee (accused pedophile) as Gaming Exec Director

Today’s Globe outlines how the members of the new state Gaming Commission hired an accused (but not prosecuted) pedophile Stanley McGee as Executive Director of the Gaming Commission.  The Commission Chair Steve Crosby claimed that he investigated the allegations and found them to be baseless.  He now admits he did no investigation and claims the reporter lied.  The rest of…

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The New Gaming Bureaucracy

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Thought RMG readers might be interested in a flow chart of the new bureaucracy set up by the gaming bill as well as seeing where all this new revenue will be going. Courtesy of Sen. Knapik’s office.…

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Political Correctness Runs Amok in Senate

It looks like political correctness is alive and well in Massachusetts, judging by some of the proposals being floated during the Senate’s ongoing casino debate. Sprinkled among the 164 amendments filed by members are some ideas that can only solidify Massachusetts’ reputation as “the nanniest of all nanny states.” Casino supporters are counting on generating hundreds of millions of dollars…

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