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“Mihos owes more than $600,000 in bills”, Cape Cod Times headline

Cape Cod Times weighs in on growing Mihos problems.  Judge to decide case tomorrow in Plymouth Superior. Campaign manager Joe Manzoli is quoted in Globe as saying campaign not listing debts to past vendors to the campaign was an “oversight”.  That’s what Joe Manzoli said in interview. Manzoli is from Shrewsbury and is a former candidate for party chairman.  There…

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Goodridge Decision Faces New Legal Challenge

Someone forwarded this item to me. Some members of the RMG community might find it interesting: Rev. John C. Rankin, President, Theological Education Institute (TEI) and the Mars Hill Society, recently filed a federal lawsuit, pro se, in United States District Court, District of Massachusett, challenging the 2003 Goodridge decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) on three grounds: 1.) Goodridge…

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