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Get the BBJ and run with its lead editorial!

It’s tough being impatient and impotent. That’s when you become desperate by pulling revenues out of thin air.
Deval Patrick says he’s an impatient man. So impatient, in fact, that he threw more than $100 million of (non-existent) casino gambling revenue into his proposed state budget. Further, the governor added some $300 million via his plan to change Massachusetts’ corporate…

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Governor Patrick: Extortionist

(I don’t think running someone for US Senate is wasting time, but thanks for this analysis.  Some of us here on RMG are more interested in the “politics” side of things.  Others are more interested in policy.  Thank you as always for contributing by way of important policy discussions. – promoted by EaBo Clipper) While some of you were wasting…

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State of the Commonwealth Open Thread – With Drinking Game

Here is a State of the Commonwealth (7:30 PM WCVB-5) open thread.  Let her rip. Let’s have some fun.  Every time Deval Patrick says one of the following words you take a drink. “Children” as in for the children

“relief” as in Property tax relief

“Engagement” as in civic engagement

“partnership” as in Municipal Partnership

“Casino” I think we’ll all…

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Good Morning Governor Patrick: Welcome to your World!

We remember well the clarion call “Let them hear that on Beacon Hill.” Well one year into the job, Governor Patrick is evolving into a disappointment; he is becoming just another Beacon Hill politician. But those of us who didn’t fall for the “Together We Can” mantra in the heady days of November 2006 cannot say we are surprised at…

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Deval Patrick’s New Math

This should come as no surprise. Governor Deval Patrick was elected as a spender, not a tax-cutter. So his plan for extra education spending is a natural that ought to please his pro-spending supporters. But at some point Deval’s world comes down to this: the acceptance that there is a structural deficit of $1.3 billion or that the state  is…

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Together we can prioritize

(Any thoughts? – promoted by EaBo Clipper) I originally posted this on bluemassgroup here.  Interesting that it received only one reply.  That could mean either my comment was ignored (possible) or else that, no one else knows what the Governor means by “agressive agenda” or what he meant in his campaign by “change”. Anyone? Full-text: All this business about…

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It’s a Tupelo day

[crossposted] My prediction.  The Patrick Administration budget will be released at noon. It’ll be a yawner.  The long knives are out from the conservative blogs waiting for the Governor’s latent tax and spend to shine through.  But, tax and spend is moonbat talk:  save the children, universal health…. Reality–Patrick can do none of that, certainly not in his first year. …

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