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Where it falls, the corporate income tax

Professor Mankiew explains the tax incidence issue related to the corporate income tax. Corporations don’t pay taxes, people do. A cut in U.S. corporate tax would promote economic growth; a similar cut in the state’s corporate tax would improve the state’s economic competitiveness. Too bad Deval and Sal’s plan fall short of the real goals of tax reform: lowering rates,…

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Blinded by bright lights and stardust: bad tax policy

The Massachusetts film credit is bad tax policy, as we have noted before. But trying to tell everyone that the emperor has no clothes is not politically suitable (excuse the pun). The film credit is House Speaker Sal DiMasi’s way of picking industrial winners; apparently he doesn’t like casinos but loves the glamour trade. The loyal opposition ought to argue…

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Pay attention to Deval Patrick’s corporate giveway

James Sturgios of the Pioneer Institute delivers a blow to the Governor’s public assistance to the biotech industry. Governor Patrick and the legislature believes they can pick winners in a volatile sector. Good luck to them. But they should be honest about using taxpayers’ money in what according to Sturgios, is a fiscal shell game.
During his campaign, Patrick said…

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Outrageous Tax Policy! State Legislature Sings “Hurray for Hollywood”

The solons on Beacon Hill truly believe they can pick winners and losers in industrial policy.
BOSTON-Tax breaks designed to encourage moviemaking in Massachusetts have been so successful some state lawmakers are talking about building a studio here.

more stories like this Quincy state Rep. Ronald Mariano has a bill that would offer tax incentives for the creation of a…

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DiMasi’s point shaving on corporate tax reform

Is DiMasi angling for another fight with Deval, this time on corporate taxes? Deval and his corporate tax commission are arguing for a point reduction in the effective corporate tax rate from 9.5% to 8.5%. DiMasi, not a gambling sort, is going a bit shy of one better to 7. Who will win this battle? BOSTON-House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi proposed…

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The local aid conundrum: Crying poor mouth or real threat?

The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation is sounding the tired alarm, yet again. Meanwhile amidst the bellyaching, where’s Casino Deval’s property tax relief? See

BOSTON –Cities and towns are feeling the fiscal squeeze, with little relief in sight. That’s according to a new report that finds that after a brief respite in the past fiscal year, local municipalities are again struggling…

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