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BHI delivers testimony critical of proposed constitutional amendment calling for a millionaire’s tax

Testimony to the Revenue Committee on Proposed Constitutional Amendment 15-17
David G. Tuerck
Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University January 19, 2016
Room B-2, Massachusetts State House Thank you for the opportunity to testify on the proposed constitutional amendment to create a graduated income tax for Massachusetts. The Beacon Hill Institute has a long history of providing analysis of…

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MA, N. Dakota again top ranked in BHI measure of economic growth and income: NH 6th

(BOSTON – June 9, 2015) Massachusetts again secured the top spot on the annual Beacon Hill Institute’s State Competitiveness Index. Traditional strengths in human resources, technology, security and openness buoyed Massachusetts to the number one rank for the eighth time in nine years. North Dakota finished second. Texas is the largest state to finish in the top ten, ranking 9th…

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Deval Patrick (D) gets an F from the Cato Institute


– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) From the report entitled Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors 2014 “Governor Patrick’s low score results mainly from his record of proposed and enacted tax increases. In 2012 he proposed higher taxes on cigarettes and corporations. In 2013 he signed into law increases in sales taxes, cigarette taxes, and gas taxes.…

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Beacon Hill Institute Weekly Dispatch: Regarding corporate taxes, broaden the base, lower the rate

A basic principle of sound tax policy requires a tax levy with both a broad base (that is to say no or few deductions and exemptions) and the lowest rate possible (so as not to diminish incentives for individuals and companies to work, save and invest). With its myriad economic development agencies and varied targeted tax breaks, Massachusetts comes nowhere…

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