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An uplifting read: Vox says Dems are in trouble

The media wing of the Democratic Party likes to emphasize the almost eternal discord within the national GOP the old chestnut: Tea Party versus Mainstream. They write with a tin-ear ignoring the wave elections of 2010 and 2014. But credit Vox, the explanatory if not self-important blog, with shedding some light on the problems of Democrats nationally. The party faces…

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Reality check: It’s bad news for Republicans nationally, is Mass going to be better?

( – promoted by Patrick) Honestly the national environment is horrific for Republicans. Perhaps Bush has destroyed the national  GOP brand. The trend line is high gas prices, forget about any Spitzer blowback. People are going to get nasty, lose their minds, and try “change.” In Massachusetts with Kerry at the top of the ticket, is there any hope whatsoever?…

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You Tube- “Bennett throws Hardballs at Chris Matthews: Part 2”

( – promoted by Patrick) “Who will be America’s next President?” Last week you watched part 1 of the interview of Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball when he sat down with Massachusetts politician and Former Selectman and County Commissioner Doug Bennett to discuss National politics, the 2008 Presidential Race, and Nantucket. This week watch the conclusion of their interview where…

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