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BHI delivers testimony critical of proposed constitutional amendment calling for a millionaire’s tax

Testimony to the Revenue Committee on Proposed Constitutional Amendment 15-17
David G. Tuerck
Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University January 19, 2016
Room B-2, Massachusetts State House Thank you for the opportunity to testify on the proposed constitutional amendment to create a graduated income tax for Massachusetts. The Beacon Hill Institute has a long history of providing analysis of…

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Five Things: Hughes Keeps Pressure up, Gas Tax Repeal Effort, Software Tax Repeal Effort and more

Kirsten Hughes Keeps Up Pressure on Dem Flip Floppers In yesterday’s Lowell Sun Kirsten Hughes kept up the pressure on Democratic tax flip floppers. In the middle of a summer heat wave, in an off-election year, when a royal baby and courthouse dramas captured the public’s attention, the Democrats at the Statehouse enacted massive tax increases worth at least…

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“The fastest retreat in ConCon history” Spineless, anti-referenda Democrats feel the heat

Barbara Anderson reports that the ConCon caved on

on a proposed amendment to dilute the Commonwealth’s initiative petition process. They folded like a broken tent. “LOL, CLT activists. The stealth attack on the initiative petition process turned into the fastest retreat in constitutional convention history. I was sure that there wouldn’t be a constitutional convention this last week of the…

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As if there’s not ENOUGH going on…

To:  CLT activists

From:  Barbara Anderson

          July 28, 2010

Update on Constitutional Conventon tomorrow We have confirmed that the Legislature does plan to hold a constitutional convention on July 29 at 1 pm, and intends to take up Senate Bill 23, the constitutional amendment that doesn’t allow any petitions that impact society. It states that…

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