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Make The Herald Great Again

Dan Kennedy has a few suggestions for making The Herald great again. Some are odd, like ditching the website, but this one is good. 3. Turn right. Despite the Herald’s reputation as a bastion of right-wing Trumpery, the paper’s editorial pages have long been rather staid and moderate. The right-wing reputation comes from a few of its news columnists, especially…

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Say goodbye to the Boston Phoenix!

(Perhaps more than most, The Phoenix lost revenue to free postings on craigslist.org.  It is sad to see it go however.  I am thinking Bernstein ends up at the Globe.  They have an opening now that Glen Johnson is jetsetting with Kerry. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) The Boston Phoenix will be closing down. What a shocker. Former…

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Hey Dan Kennedy, what’s your take on this? Journalists conspired to help Obama in 2008

Dan Kennedy recently has developed a severe disliking of “questionably ethical” activities by Howie Carr regarding political fundraising.  Activities Mr. Carr does above the board, as evidenced by public invites going out, on this websiite and others to the fundraising events headlined by Carr. One has to wonder what his reaction to a story that I would consider more nefarious.…

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