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Massachusetts GOP: Revitalize Or Die

Writer George Weigel had an interesting observation about Pope Francis I the man & his vision of the papacy: The move from “kept” Catholicism to evangelical Catholicism is for everyone, the pope seems convinced. “Kept” Catholicism has no future anywhere, and not just because of aggressive secularism and other corrosive cultural acids. “Kept” Catholicism has no future because it doesn’t…

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Pope urges opposition to Postgenderism

God created male and female, the Pope observed. “Man calls his nature into question,” he said, when he questions that fundamental concept of sexuality. Moreover, the Pope continued, because the “gender ideology” seeks to make every individual completely autonomous, it destroys the understanding of the family as a community designed for the rearing of children. Again citing Rabbi Bernheim, the…

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Tony Blair Converts To Catholicism

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that former English Prime Minister Tony Blair formally coverted to the Catholic religion last Friday (12-21-07). Blair was received into full communion by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, during Mass in the chapel at the Archbishop's house in Westminster.  He had been receiving doctrinal and spiritual preparation from the cardinal's private secretary, Monsignor Mark O'Toole. Blair deferred any…

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