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Anger is an Energy

On November 2, when you head out to the polls to cast your ballot in this year’s gubernatorial election, don’t forget to take your anger into the voting booth. There’s noting wrong with voting based on anger, especially when there’s so much to be angry about. How could one not be furious, after four years of this State House madhouse?…

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Mitt Romney Headlined MassGOP House PAC Fundraiser

I probably couldn’t have afforded it anyway but regardless, I’ll be at the Dartmouth Annual Fall Town Meeting as an elected representative from the 7th precinct. I assume most of us saw the invites but for those last minute people the private reception begins at 5:30 pm for $500 and the general reception is $100 at 6:30 pm. Former Gov.…

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Healey is Out

The Associated Press is reporting that Kerry Healey will not run for the vacant Senate Seat caused by Ted Kennedy’s death. “Our country faces many challenges, and I know firsthand there is no greater honor than serving the people of Massachusetts,” Healey said in a statement to The Associated Press. “After careful consideration, however, I have decided that a campaign…

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April’s Newburyport Republican Committee Meeting

Newburyport Republican Committee Meeting Location:

Starboard Galley Restraunt

55 Water Street

Newburyport, MA                        


Wednesday April 29th


7:00-7:30pm “Mixer”

7:30pm- Committee Meeting All residents of Newburyport and Surrounding Cities are welcome Speaker:…

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Nelson Benton: Will brings wit, wisdom to SSC stage

The Salem News: Will brings wit, wisdom to SSC stage

Nelson Benton Columnist George Will proved a terrific replacement for John and Elizabeth Edwards at the Salem State College Speaker Series this week. Will spoke for well over an hour without notes on the state of the economy and the American political system, departing from his lecture every so often…

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Healey 50 point plan

From time to time, I will reference Kerry Healey’s 50 point plan to show how her approach would have differed from Deval Patrick’s. The Healey Committee is starting to take down their website. So I wanted to archive for posterity the plan here. Over the course of this campaign, voters will learn more about my priorities and how they differ…

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