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New poll results show the race is tightening

( – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) Hi Folks – Great news today from a new Rasmussen Reports poll that has the governor’s race tightening between me and Governor Patrick, and it’s now at 42% to 45%. As the race gets closer, people are making up their minds and recognizing that we have the message and the plans to get…

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Rasmussen corrects favorable-unfavorable data

In yesterday’s Rasmussen reports poll the favorable-unfavorable data for Tim Cahill and Charlie Baker was transposed.  Much was made by team Cahill and team Patrick that the negative ads have backfired on Charlie. Well that’s just not the case.  Vincent Errichetti was right, they didn’t make sense because they weren’t correct. The updated numbers can be found here. It…

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Rasmussen Poll released at 8 AM tomorrow

Joe Battenfeld reported on twitter earlier this evening that the Fox25 Rasmussen Reports poll for the Massachusetts Governor’s race will be out tomorrow morning at 8 AM. What are your predictions. (Mine After the jump). I’m predicting the following: Deval Patrick 34%

Charlie Baker 30%

Tim Cahill 20%

Others/undecided 16%…

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