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Part IV – Inalienable Rights – Life !

There once lived a judge who had to make a determination between 2 people, of whose life was more valuable and more promising than the other for the future of mankind. The first person was a young, very healthy man. This man had scored well throughout his school years.  He was recently married and just found out he is going…

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Part III – A New Waypoint

They say a Rose is most beautiful right before it dies. Its sheer beauty, its fragrance… its outward appearance to others hides the sad truth that in just a matter of days… it will turn brown, its petals will fall and it will soon dissolve back to from “whence it came”. My Beloved Country… Our beloved Country… is also beginning…

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A Broken Compass

An adolescent in the realm of kingdoms, the time has now come for our young nation to leave behind her childish ways. Although born out of the human struggle for life and liberty, our wayward child nation has turned her back on those principles on which she was born, raised and flourished. And like so many of our beloved children…

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