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CLT Press Release Calls Out Mike Widmer & Unions; Steel Cage Death Match Possible…DEVELOPING

MTF “Analysis” – Pure Political Propaganda

October 8, 2008    For Immediate Release    Once again the misnamed Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation has issued another timely anti-taxpayer “analysis” promoting a vote against a tax cut for regular, average taxpayers; this latest report titled “The Enormous Consequences of Question 1.”    But what do you call a report that begins with a…

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AIM’s 2007-2008 Legislative Scorecard Underscores Need for Improvement

(Thanks Brad – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), the state’s largest business advocacy organization with more than 7,000 Bay State businesses and institutions who collectively employ more than 675,000 employees, released the third edition of its biennial Legislative Scorecard.  The Scorecard is designed to evaluate the pro-business voting record of each of the members of the…

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