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MassGOP Announces Details of State Convention

Thousands of Delegates Registered to Attend BOSTON – With more than 2,000 delegates already confirmed for the 2014 Massachusetts Republican Party Nominating Convention, all indications show strong interest by MassGOP faithful. More than 200 delegates have confirmed in the last 24 hours alone and that pace continues. “This year’s Convention is sure to be a success because of the enthusiasm…

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The State of the Massachusetts GOP – May 6th, 2012

The Republican Party of Massachusetts has an enrollment of about 11%, about half of the enrollment of the Democrat Party in this state.  The remaining majority  is un-enrolled and like their independence.  They may tend to vote a certain way, but these voters are expressing dissatisfaction with the established parties.  They are revolting and are demanding that the party system…

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Christy, have you paid everyone yet ?

The question must be asked if anyone is to consider you a serious candidate for nomination this weekend. With the convention looming on Saturday, have you paid your former staff members everything they are owed ? If so, have they been paid what you promised you would pay them ? There is a difference you know. When people go out…

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